Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Doodles...FROM THE ZOO. I'm going back to Sarasota after an amazingly relaxing and Skyrim-filled winter break, and spent my last day here in Houston drawing some fwuffy aminals.

I drew these on my super rad new toy, the Boogie Board Rip I got for Christmas! It's an LCD drawing/writing tablet that allows you to save a .pdf of whatever you draw on it. Turns out it makes a really nice, lightweight, simple, and paperless substitute for a sketchbook for going out and doing some life drawing like this. I actually preferred it to awkwardly holding a book in my hand and stuffing pencils and pens in my pockets. Not to mention it's way easier than scanning everything and comping it together. Nice and simple!

Also: Happy new year!


icordero said...

and now I want one

Adam said...


Whitney said...

Hey Kendra! So I followed this site from the Chumbuddy Grey site on Patch Together because I am wondering the chances of you being able to make another of the original Grey line of Chumbuddy. I'm an extreme lover of sharks and I've been saving my money for Chumbuddy Grey. Just wanting to know my options for getting this awesome product.

Thanks for filling the world with a better appreciation for sharks. (: